Celebrate Australia Day

Australia Day falls on January 26 and it is a big deal to Australians all over the world. Aussies are full of national pride and love to celebrate this day with their friends and family members. Whether you want to commemorate the day over food or through a special event is really a personal choice. Here are some fun Australia Day activities and ideas to consider when you make your plans for January.

Focus on Food
While Australia is indeed a multicultural country, there are many dishes which are uniquely Australian. You can choose to make a pavlova or celebrate with a plate of lamingtons. You can bring out the meat pies or the steak sandwiches, or even throw a shrimp or two on the barbie. Aussie fusion food is a great option and blends many wonderful cultures together while embracing the best that Italian, Greek and Asian trends have to offer. It is indeed the hallmark of contemporary Australian cuisine. You can make a picnic of it, host a bbq, or have a sit-down affair. Tim-Tam slam anyone?

Wine and Cheese Party
Australia has many incredible local producers of wine and cheese. Putting together a wine and cheese event allows everyone to sample the best of the best. You can even allocate individuals to bring a specific wine and/or cheese to avoid doubling up. Once you start doing your research, you will soon see you are absolutely spoiled for choice and will wonder why you didn’t do this earlier. If beer is more your thing, then opt for lesser-known breweries and select craft brews. Kids will be perfectly content with cheese on crackers and mini non-alcoholic spritzers. Cheers!

Host a Cricket Match
Whether you believe cricket or football is the greatest sport on Earth, cricket definitely has a huge role to play in Aussie traditions. If you are the outdoors type, then consider hosting your own cricket match at the local park. It is a great way to get outside and make the most of the spectacular summer weather with loved ones. Cricket is suitable for participants of all ages. Don’t forget the home-made lemonade and sunscreen.

Plan a Movie Marathon
If you prefer to sit it out in the air-conditioning, then consider hosting a movie marathon to celebrate Australia Day. There are plenty of great Aussie films to choose from; in fact, narrowing it down to two or three choices can be extremely difficult. Everyone has a favourite so you might need to pull some names out of a hat. Whether it’s Strictly Ballroom, Crocodile Dundee, Lantana or Picnic at Hanging Rock, it is sure to be memorable. Consider making homemade choc tops to celebrate the event. Bean bag chairs will make the day particularly comfortable for the little ones.

Dance The Day Away
While the Triple J Hottest 100, has been moved to January 27 this year (2018), you can still celebrate the day with some of the biggest and best Australian artists and song hits. Use it as a backdrop to your barbecue, picnic or swim party. You can come up with some tunes in advance and have them set to play during your Australia Day bash. A dance party works any time of the day or night.

From the team at Yayme!, we hope that you have a wonderful Australia Day celebration and that 2018 brings fun, friends and family together.