How to make bedtime more fun

Bedtime can be a struggle for many kids as well as parents. Kids usually come up with a long list of reason why they shouldn’t go to bed. Here are some simple technique you can try to make bedtime fun. And if it’s fun, you can bet it’ll be a hit with kids.

Pick a time

Try to stick to a regular time for sleep. It’s important to choose a time that works for both your children and for you. A time too soon, and both of you will feel rush, too late and your little one will be tired for the next big day. Whatever time you choose though, stick to it, Studies have shown that a consistent night-time routine and regular bedtime will help children sleep through the night.


Kids like to know what’s going on. They also like to know what to expect. Set a timer in advance to let them know that they have an hour before sleep time, then half an hour. It helps them not feel rushed and gets rid of confusion and unnecessary tension. And when the bell goes – it’s time for a little shut eye.

Repeat rituals

To start any routine, you need to have a rhythm of events. Children need time to get ready for bed. Dinner, a bath, changing into pyjamas, a snuggle on the couch. Your child will start to enjoy their bedtime routine and will know what to expect every night. It will help them feel secure and will provide a calmness without the struggle.

Kids can choose

Which plush toy would they like to sleep with? What story would they like you to read to them? Which pyjamas would they like to wear? Giving your child a say within their routine helps to empower them. They will feel happy and appreciated. If you child is too small to make these decisions, surround the with their familiar things.

Read a book

According to a recent study of preschool-aged children, ranging from age three to five years old, reading at home activates brain function in areas “supporting mental imagery and narrative comprehension”. Also, time spent reading with your child is a fun, special time you both can share.