Spring Cleaning the Kid’s Room

As the cold winter weather makes way for the colourful blooms of spring, our thoughts naturally turn to sorting and spring cleaning. But where do you start? Because the kids seemingly grow up right before your eyes, beginning with their room can be very rewarding. You might even be able to earn a few dollars by selling some of their unwanted items. At the very least, it gives you an excuse to buy something new to freshen up the space.

Here are our top tips for tackling your child’s bedroom and clearing the clutter, once and for all.

A is for Airing
Your priority when it comes to spring cleaning is the actual cleaning of the space. Sorting through a dusty, musty space can be depressing – so open those windows, let the fresh air in and dust and clean to your heart’s content. Pay particular attention to all of those hard to reach spots. Once you have vacuumed and polished, aired and disinfected, it will feel as good as new.

B is for Boxes
Clutter can creep in when you are least expecting it. Consider whether it might be time to stock up on some new toy boxes to aid your spring cleaning mission. Sort and place their most valuable toys in boxes and sell or donate anything which they have outgrown or lost interest in. It is important that you do ask their feedback when getting rid of their toys, as some of them hold their interest longer than others.

C is for Closet
Going through their closet and wardrobe is a task of its own. Select an outfit which you know fits your child, and measure everything else accordingly. It is a great time to get rid of those winter clothes that will in all likelihood not fit next year and enable you to sort through the summer gear before the season starts. And don’t forget their shoes!

D is for Declutter
Are there any areas which are looking particularly cluttered? Shelves, bookcases and desk drawers quickly become a magnet for unnecessary papers, artwork, homework and collectables. It is important that you find a new home for everything and if there is just no space, then get rid of it. A cluttered room is not conducive to a healthy environment. ‘Less is more’ is your best philosophy.

E is for Evaluate
Now cast your eye over the entire space. Is there an area that could be streamlined or updated? Let’s face it, your five year old might not be so keen on the Thomas the Tank Engine light shade or the wooden bookends that were given to him when he was 3. Take their changing tastes into consideration and add some new elements that won’t outdate so quickly. Simple touches such as a bean bag or a bean bag chair will let them make the most of their new space.

F is for Frames
Consider framing their artwork and hanging it on the wall. Look at it as a rotational piece of art and change it over whenever they come up with their next masterpiece. You can also hang them on a wire frame or convert the choice artwork into a poster. Personalised frames and canvases will also dramatically enhance the bedroom and make it seem more like a home than a house.