Teddy Bear’s Picnic Ideas

Teddy Bear’s Picnic Ideas

Whether you are planning a teddy bear’s picnic for a birthday celebration, or just want to hold a little get together with friends, it can be a lot of fun! The teddy bear theme offers so many creative opportunities to let your imagination run wild. So, where do you start?

Create the Invitations
Designing invitations will get those creative juices flowing, especially when you make your own. Find a cute teddy bear image online and print it out. Use it as a base for your invitations and add the necessary details: who, what, where, when and why! Embellish with 3D effects such as ribbons and stick on eyes to make them ‘pop’.

Make the Costumes
Teddy bear costumes are super easy. Pre-make teddy bear ears and hand them to each guest upon arrival. Or have a couple of assistants on hand to do face painting. You could also ask the children to make their own masks, which doubles as a fun party craft activity.

Decorate the Backyard
Of course, a teddy bear’s picnic is not complete without a sleuth of teddy bears. So round them up and use them to decorate your garden or backyard. Lay out the picnic blankets and add the necessary cups, plates and cutlery to each blanket. Then decorate the trees and posts with balloons and streamers.

Plan the Food
No picnic is complete without teddy bear shaped cookies; get the kids to decorate the cookies themselves with icing, sprinkles and small lollies. Give them the choice to eat them at the party or take them home. Teddy bears, both big and small, love honey sandwiches and who can say no to a teddy bear themed cake or mini cupcakes.

Arrange Some Games
Look for teddy bear themed colouring pages and crafts. Why not read Michael Rosen’s beloved children’s classic, “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” and get them to participate in with the actions? Games such as Simon Says, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf, may all be adapted teddy bear style.

Organise Goodie Bags
As a reminder of the fun event, send the kids home with their finished teddy bear crafts and cookies. Add a pack of gummy bears and a small collection of teddy bear-themed items such as pencils or stickers to complete their goodie bags. This, and the wonderful memories they make at the party, will have them talking about it for weeks to come.
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