The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Do you recall the excitement of receiving a letter in the post when you were a child? Kids don’t get to experience that like we did when we were children. The instant sending and receiving of text messages just doesn’t come close to the anticipation of seeing the mail being delivered and waiting to see if there was something in it addressed to you. And if there was, oh boy! It didn’t get much better than that.

What kids today may not realise, is that letter writing is actually fun. What seems to be a chore for their little minds is a great way to share their stories or capture a specific moment on paper and then send it to someone they care about. It can help their handwriting, their story telling ability and can really strengthen the bonds with their friends.

The closest thing the kids do to letter writing these days is sending out birthday invitations, Valentine’s Day cards and thank you letters. So why not set out to change it?

Sit down and teach them the basics of letter writing in five easy steps. Start with a heading of some kind – this could be the date and their home address. Then comes the greeting followed by the body of the letter which is where they can detail their adventures and goings on. Then show them how to finish the letter with a closing and then a signature. They can even add a postscript (PS) for good measure!

Your child can surprise their friends, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents with their letters. You could even consider finding them an international pen pal so they can learn about life in another country. This will make the sending and receiving of letters even more inspiring.

Make it an occasion. Buy your child some themed stationery and colourful pens to make their letter writing more special and finish up with personalised address labels. Get your child to stick them on the back of the envelope to ensure they get a timely response to their handwritten letters. Then set some time aside where they can sit down and write some letters. Perhaps you can reconnect with some of your friends and relatives in a similar fashion?

Fun times can simply be created with a pen and piece of paper. Your child just might need a little guidance from mum and dad to help them get started.