What to pack in a kids travel case

Going on a trip? A week? A day? No matter how long you go, it’s good to plan.

As parents we need to make sure our kids are fully catered for, and kids need to take a lot with them! You need to be organised, as well as know what your kids really need to take with them.


Kids get hungry and they need food that is nutritious. Relying on food you can only be purchased from fast food outlets is often not the most nutritious option. Make sure you’re organised with meals and snack you can pack at home. Depending on how long your trip is, you’ll need items such as fruit, sandwiches, rice crackers, sultanas. Reusable food bags are a great was to bring food without bulky containers. Don’t forget the water.


Keep your little on engaged with small toy, activity pads, colouring in books and pencils. If you child is older, a pack of cards offers multiple games that can be played to keep minds from being bored.


Travelling by car or flying, a soft toy can also double up as a pillow. It is advisable to pack a fresh set of clothing in anticipation of little disasters. Don’t forget spare socks and a jacket for changes in the weather. A large zip lock bag can hold items that have been worn, or get wet. A small first aid bag that contains antiseptic cream and band-aids doesn’t take much room and if needed, is a great help.
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