First time school-mum? Maybe you just want this years back to school transition to go smoother than last year?
Follow these tips from Yayme! and you'll be the most organised Mumma there is!

1. Start your routine early
Let’s be real, you can’t expect to go to bed late and survive hearing your alarm blaring at 6:30am (or the kids jumping on the bed full of excitement). So, about a week before going back to school, start going to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up early. This is way better than having to start your day with 10 cups of coffee.
The same applies, curse those holiday body clocks. These will RUIN anything else you set up (keep reading) so let’s practice those routine bedtimes and TRY not to let the Australia Day celebrations cut into sleep time!
TIP: Set an alarm each night with a bedtime 10 minute warning!
school morning
2. Make a to-do list
Create a list of everything you need to buy and what you need to do. You’ll feel more accomplished and can battle an enemy worse than bullies: procrastination.
Uniform, check. Shoes, check. Books & stationery, check. Bag, lunch box, hat: Check, check & check. Oh, did we remind you to label EVERYTHING?
TIP: Create this list in your phone and you’ll ALWAYS have it with you!
Thought about hanging a reward chart? Something simple with their tasks to tick off and offer a sense of accomplishment.
Practice tying shoes, pack school backpack, “help” with the labelling.
school to do list
3. Get ready the night before

If you’re anything like most women (sorry men this isn’t really for you), then you probably waste a good 30- 60 minutes in the morning trying to find an outfit to wear for an important day. Instead, pick your outfit and pack your bags the night before. Totally #winning at this back to school Mum thing, yes?
The same for them, that cute uniform – which will they wear for those first day photos? A dress, skirt, shorts or pants? Jacket or jumper? Maybe pack that if it’s hot.. Which hair tie, bow or clips? Now you’re photo ready. #firstdayofschool #organised
Don’t forget to pack their bag, what do they need the first day? Remember: no hat, no play! (Add their lunch in the morning)
personalised school bags
4. Eat your breakfast. Seriously.

Eat it! Every single day. It’s what will give you the energy and focus you need to make it through the day. Remember, your brain needs fuel just like your car.
The children are the same, and teachers CAN tell who’s had breakfast and who hasn’t. Keep it interesting, for both of you. A quick smoothie? Banana, peanut butter & milk? Smashed avo on toast anyone? – PS, use step 3 to ensure you REMEMBER
school morning breakfast
5. Plan your commute
Are you driving? Walking? Pubic Transport?
What time do you need to leave? How much extra time have you allowed for traffic?
What about the first day only, where is their class room? – Let’s add 15 minutes to park and walk to class together, everyone wants to park and walk to the door on day 1 of term #Chaos
Having plenty of time will reduce that morning, only one-coffee-down stress!
school pickup dropoff
6. Map out your schedule

We mean, it’s back to school… but it’s also:
Back to: swimming, basketball, tennis, cricket, ballet, tap, jazz, guitar, the list goes on. Oh no, recorders are coming back too!
So, how about a family calendar? Let’s map out what days require extra equipment to be bought to school for the day, or with you for the after school pick up for a swift transition to after school activities!
Children: Create a picture calendar for the little ones, it will encourage them to be more responsible. “Tuesday, we go to swimming lessons after school – I need to check my goggles are in my swim bag
swimming lessons
7. Meal Plan – Lunches and Dinners – SAVIOUR
I’m not saying count calories and do 100 push ups each night, but how about a rough plan to take the edge off cooking for the first week?
Lunches, lets alternate wraps and sandwiches? Or even some healthy snacks. Teacher’s keep an eye out on lunches these days. So, let’s keep them fun & hide some veggies! 

Dinners, keep it simple! Theme nights make it EASY and exciting!
Meaty Mondays, lamb chops and salad anyone? Or maybe you’re up for Meat-FREE Mondays?
Taco-Tuesdays, YUM let’s taco ’bout that some more! DIY style dinners are FUN
Wacky Wednesdays, how about PANCAKES for dinner? Ham, cheese and spinach? Then Nutella for desert? YES, YES, YES
Or maybe Wok- Wednesday. Throw in the meat, 3 veg, a sauce and some NOODLES!
Thrifty Thursdays, what have we got in the leftover’s pool? Maybe some frozen veg? Make some fried rice?
Fish Fridays, don’t run to the Fish ’n’ Chip shop: you’ve got this. Salmon or white fish, keep some frozen and serve with a yummy salad – Okay, throw on some hot chippies too!
Saucy Saturdays – Hey cheeky! Not that, but how about PASTA? Red or white Sauce? Serve with spaghetti or zucchini noodles?
TIP: Make extra and FREEZE!
Skewer or Slow cooker Sundays. Kids can be a great help making skewers. Lamb with salad, yogurt – you’ve got a souvlaki!
Or how about grabbing out the slow cooker? Pop it all in, away it goes! Simmer baby, simmer!

Let’s get the the kids involved. Ask them – what do they like? Get them to help, they’re more likely to eat it if they helped create it!
family dinner
8. Label Everything
Yep, we actually mean EVERYTHING!
Start school on the teachers good side, with each item labelled. Seriously, they will LOVE you!

Sticky labels are great! Water-proof & dishwasher safe ones are better!
Use these on: Lunch boxes, lunch box lids, water bottles, books, pencils, stationery & shoes (Yayme! shoe labels come with a clear overlay to save the label!).
Clothing labels will probably save you the most money in the long run! Say "no" to losing the expensive uniform!
Use these on: Shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, socks, hats - even the underwear!
Do not, I repeat, do not forget to label the jackets and jumpers! 

All our labels also come in bundles and they ALWAYS have free shipping so you SAVE, Shop here!
yayme labels sticky
9. Don’t bust your budget
In 10 weeks they’re going to be on holidays… hello money pit!
So, what we put away now, we can spend then. It might be on care, weekend activities or even a little HOLIDAY!
But where is the line between paying for quality that lasts (now we’re talking school shoes) and cheap things that need replacing before they’re out grown? Well, that might be another topic for another day – but you get the idea.
family holiday beach
10. Book in Fun Time
It’s about to get really busy. So schedule in some time for 3 things:
1. Family date night. Dinner in the park? Movie night at home, popcorn, ice-cream & lollies?
2. Actual date night. Yep – BOOK IT IN, maybe you could even call in one of your new friends to look after the kid/s?
3. Me time. Go for a walk? The gym? Shopping? Girl’s night?
Aim for 1 of each a month, pick the date and STICK TO IT!
Let’s be honest, it’s too early to threaten that Santa won’t come, but we can take away movie night! 
family movie night
Following these 10 steps is a sure-fire way to ensure your go back to school totally stress free, cool calm and collected. You'll have a happy house hold andddd you might even get to delegate out some house-hold tasks!  #shockhorror