How to Become a Successful Yayme! Party Plan Consultant

You’ve made a great decision signing on as a Yayme! consultant and have firmly stepped into the role of a Mumpreneur and excited about the prospect of a lucrative career selling beautiful personalised children’s products.

You’ve invested in your kit, been given the marketing literature and product training and are set to go, but you also need to be aware of what you need to do to build a solid business.

Get behind the Yayme! brand and products. It’s essential that you’re seen to be using the products you’re selling. If you don’t, you’ll never convince other people to buy, and more importantly, keep buying and recommend the products to others.

Thoroughly prepare for your parties. Write out your presentation. Even if it’s for your eyes only, it’ll help you work out your thoughts and solidify product benefits, as well as how you’re going to approach getting people to host another party or to even sign on.

Think about possible questions and have your answers prepared. Know your products. Know the prices. Write prompts on cards and take them with you if you need to. It’s important to present yourself as a professional in order to make a positive impression.

Don’t forget that the party doesn’t end when you’ve finished presenting. You’ll also need to keep your energy up when putting your orders through. During this stage, try to recruit more parties and even interest potential consultants. Keep cool and enthusiastic and don’t let physical fatigue slow you down.

Your kit is your ‘display window’. Make sure your display is neat, clean and attractive. Practise laying out your display at home. Use props, cloths or even a photograph to make it even more attractive. When you’re happy with it, take a photograph as a guide to help you set up confidently when you’re at a party. You can even theme your display to seasons or festivals.

Try to remember that although you are passionate about the Yayme! products, others might not be. Try and stay positive against any negative comments that may be made. Think about how you could deflect any possible negative comments. Write them down so you can remember what to say without becoming tongue tied. Remember that all successful people have faced negativity in their lives and don’t let it get under your skin.

Discipline yourself to attend all training sessions and webinars, and participate fully in them. There’s always something new to learn and new ways to become inspired. All it takes is talking to like-minded people to have your inspiration, knowledge and enthusiasm sparing again.

Before a party, ask the hostess about the people coming. Their ages, interests, career, young mothers, pre-schoolers, or any other useful information you can use as conversation starters, or work out clear benefits of the products. You have a higher chance of selling when the people you’re selling to resonate with the reasons they should buy a product. Base your sales pitch around their interests.

Christmas is just around the corner!

Prepare for Christmas early! Get your parties booked. Get your orders in. This is a busy period and you’ll need to be organised. Although Christmas is the busiest time of the year, it’s also lucrative, so make the most of this time as it’ll be a great boost to your power to earn income. Use this time to boost your business and recruit consultants.

Learn as much as you can about the children’s industry – what kids like, what are their favourite foods, what games do they like to play. This will help you sell the Yayme! products and be able to help you talk about children in your parties. It will gave you that extra edge and hopefully lead to more sales and future bookings.