There is no need to go overboard on the Christmas tree decorations and Christmas décor to beautify your home. Opting for a minimalist approach to decorating this festive season will guarantee a simplicity and warmth that just can’t be achieved with an excess of bling and baubles. When in doubt, try some of these minimalist Christmas décor ideas and watch your home come alive this Christmas season.

Christmas Decoration Ideas
As much of Christmas Day is spent at the dining room table, it makes sense that you would want to do something special and prepare a festive table arrangement. You could place few personalised Christmas baubles for each of family members in amongst some greenery and add some candles to make the décor light up the room. Well-placed fairy lights can also turn a drab room into something magnificent and magical.

Minimalist Xmas Tree
When it comes to creating a Christmas tree to fit the minimalist mould, remember that less is more. Choose one or two colours to set the Christmas scene and decorate using purely those base colours. You can be as bold or as simplistic as you like. Common themes include blue and white, silver, gold, and red and white. Select baubles in the colour of your choice, and if you wish to personalise to create special and lasting memories, lettering can be added in either gold or silver.

Personalised Christmas Sacks
If you dislike clutter under your Xmas tree, then consider individual, personalised Santa sacks. It avoids any confusion on Christmas morning, and the kids will be super excited that they get one to call their very own. Don’t forget to hang their Christmas stockings with care in the hope that St. Nicholas soon will be there. Christmas is all about traditions and the hanging of stockings, and the placing of sacks can really enhance the childhood experience.

Guest Welcoming Christmas Wreath
While many homes go overboard with Christmas decorations, a simple Christmas wreath on the door shows that you appreciate this particular time of year. There is no doubt that buying a store bought one will look fantastic, but don’t forget that you can also create your own. When in doubt, Pinterest is always a good place to start. It is filled to the brim with creative ideas, and you can get the whole family involved.