Make Mum Feel Special This Mother’s Day

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As a self-confessed family business that honours the role that family plays in the lives of our staff and consultants, the team at Yayme! enjoy celebrating special events such as Mother’s Day. We love to recognise our mums and all the other great women out there who do such a wonderful job caring for us all. Sunday, May 13th is an excellent opportunity to make mum feel extraordinary, and even the littlest show of kindness can leave a considerable impression. So what can you do for your mum this Mother’s Day to make her feel treasured and adored?

Give mum a break from the kitchen
We all deserve a break from the kitchen from time to time and no doubt, mum deserves it more than anyone. Just think about how many meals she has prepared for you over the years! Mother’s Day is a tremendous opportunity to surprise her with some of her all-time favourite meals either at your home or hers. Or alternatively, you can take her to her favourite restaurant, or introduce her to a new one that she may not have visited yet. Whether she appreciates Chinese food, Japanese food or just good old-fashioned home cooking, this is your chance to bring out the big guns and surprise her with an incredible dining experience.

Buy a personalised gift for mum
Personalising a gift will show just how much you have thought about what to give her. This year we are super excited to introduce a brand new line of personalised gifts consisting of a personalised candle and a monogrammed candle, both created with mum in mind. These deliciously scented Australian-made lead-free cotton wick candles come in three fantastic scents: Vanilla Bean, Coconut & Lime, and Lemongrass and four classic designs: floral, pink, blue or black. With a burn time of up to 45 hours, mum will feel special being gifted with this personalised candle, or any other personalised present for that matter.

Pamper your mum
One of the best gifts that you can give your mum is to buy something that she wouldn”t usually buy for herself. Pampering is a luxury for busy mums to remind them that they need to slow down and take a moment or two to enjoy life and relax in the present. There is no better way to surprise her than to gift a special service such as a visit to the hair salon, nail salon or day spa. Let her choose her own treatment or treat her to something you know she will absolutely adore. Think manicure, pedicure, facial or massage or even a combination of these to make her feel invigorated and renewed.

Spend time with mum
Sometimes the best gift you can give your mum is the gift of self. Plan to visit your mum for the day or the weekend and switch your phone off. Binge-watch her favourite show on Netflix, while enjoying chocolates and her favourite cocktail. Whip up a scrumptious brunch, enjoy a nice walk in beautiful surrounds or laugh over days gone by over a delicious takeout. Mother’s Day is your opportunity to create some fabulous memories, even if she doesn’t want you to make a big fuss of this hallmark occasion. She will appreciate the gesture nonetheless, and you will remember it for a long time to come.

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