Does this ring a bell?
It’s back to school time for another year of fun, friends and learning.
You’ve checked the (book list) twice and you’ve got everything purchased. It’s either on board for delivery or in your hands, because you were brave and battled the shops (bravo!).
You’ve spent a mean amount of money to ensure they get the best start to the year.
(And PS, if you’re reading this saying “Nope not yet…” Come on girl – you’ve only got a little time left before the day is here) You’ve bought: The books, folders, pencils, erasers, markers, crayons & sharpener. The hat, shirts, shorts, socks, shoes & jacket. The backpack & pencil case to carry it all in, the lunchbox to keep them fed & lastly the water bottle (how many of these are we going to go through this year?)
Now, let’s take a moment of silence to remember all these items, because let’s face it… We know how this is going to play out.
Imagine this:
It’s the night before the first day of term – you think to yourself “I HAVEN’T LABELLED ANYTHING, I’ll do it during the week” and then you get a restless night sleep… Toss turn, its 3am… maybe I’ll just do it now? But you don’t and we all know that sending them off with un-labelled items will mean that by day 2 we’ve kissed goodbye our little babies, and also at least 4 of the items listed earlier (please don’t be the jacket!)

OR… It’s the week before and you’re on the phone to the closest label company begging for express post and a priority service… don’t worry we get heaps of those a year asking us to express post personalised labels!

Stop right now, you’ll thank us very much.

This year is going to be different!
This year we have time to order and label these essential items.
This year, we know how to do it all for $20 per child.
Are you ready to discover how to avoid the painstaking task of writing out names countless times and sticky taping every item? Or writing on fabric with those markers that rarely work?



The answer?
A Yayme! Mighty Bundle Name Stickers – We mean it. It’s the bundle of all bundles, packed with a total of 312 labels. If you order it this week – there is a really good chance you’ll have it before school goes back with time to apply them all!

Now we’re going to go through what is in the bundle, then what to use each label for!
• 60 x Sticky Labels (12 x Jumbo, 24 x Mighty & 24 x Essential – these are different sizes)
• 72 x Mini Sticky Labels (These are plain in 6 colours)
• 24 x Book Sticky Labels (This book belongs to…)
• 12 Pairs x Shoe Sticky Labels (Showing L & R)
• 84 x Sticky Identification Dots (Little round labels with your initals)
• 48 x Standard Iron On Clothing Labels (The most simple way to name all those uniforms)
So, where do we put them?
Meet Felicity, our Party Plan Manager who has 3 kids! (Yep, we also call her wonder woman!) and is the label Queen!
We’re going to order one bundle: Toucan, because we feel this is the most unisex and age friendly for our primary to early high-school family.
The name to put on the bundle you ask? “Williams Family”
Yep – That’s right, just one for the whole family! $60 – FREE SHIPPING
(Again, your time is starting to run out)

* Fast forward to about 7-10 days delivery
60 Sticky Labels – 3 sizes:
These are all dishwasher, microwave & freezer safe. So don’t worry, label ANYTHING.
We use for this style for any container such as lunch boxes, bottles, lids. Any medicines they may have at school too.

24 Book Labels:
Well these are pretty self-explanatory, but we’re talking exercise books, text books, novels - diaries.
That’s an average of 8 per child. And if you need more, you’ve probably got some left over sticky ones that will work just as well.

72 Mini Labels: 
These are perfect for all stationery. Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, rulers. With an average of 24 per child – you can even colour coordinate them!

84 I.D Dots:
We often use these to match lids to containers. They’re a great way to label small items – again, colour co-ordinate between them to make sorting easy!
yayme labels sticky
12 Pairs of Shoe Labels: 
So that’s enough for 4 pairs of shoes each. Call it 2 for the year- yeah you’ll probably buy a new pair before the year is out.
You’ll also need a set for their sport/dance shoes!
The best part about these is that they all come with a clear over-lay. So those labels (and the names) aren’t going anywhere!
Application? EASY!
Personalised sticky labels are SO simple to apply. Pop them on a clean surface and you’re good to go – just make sure you wait 24 hours before washing them! We’ve never had a label returned due to fading or falling off! And if we do, we will replace them!
48 Iron On Clothing Labels
That’s enough for 16 garments per child.
Let’s break down the school uniform.
2 dresses, 3 tops, 2 shorts/skirts, 1 jacket or jumper and a hat. That’s 8 garments.
So you’ve got extra for when they outgrow it all… eye roll.
But, best of all – when you hand them down, there is no re-labelling!

You’re going to get 3 designs in this pack – so, use one design per child. This was make the washing sorting MUCH easier.
Light blue for Jax, Aqua for Paige & Navy for Bella!
These are simple to apply also!
One step and you’re good to go! – The best bit, we can even apply the clothing ones without an iron. Yep, we know some houses don’t even own an iron. (Some people are nodding their heads right now, while others are in complete shock!)
No writing, no sewing – simply heat and you’re done!
These are all washer and dryer safe!
A few seconds with the iron and the supplied parchment paper and you’re good to go!
Watch our video here!
The no iron hack?
If you don’t have an iron, a hair straightener will do just fine (just make sure it’s not too hot or apply through a tea-towel!
We suggest test run on a non-uniform item.
So – there you have it. Order now and you’ll be back to school ready in no time!