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Thinking of travelling with children? SURE! 

Winter, brings in the cold weather & the cold weather brings…? 2 – 3 weeks of school holidays & kids that need occupying ALL WHILST KEEPING THEM DRY?!
Have no fear, we’ve got some idea’s that are sure to save your pocket & sanity whilst travelling near or far this winter!
The way we see it, you’ve got 2 paths you can take:
Chase the sun or embrace the cold: Heading to Queensland, Bali, Thailand, Europe and America? Or planning a Aussie/New Zealand Snow trip?
Whichever you path you choose this winter, the fundamentals for a happy family trip are the same, here’s our top ideas so you have the best time.
travelling with children

Travel around sleep habits (& board the plane LAST)

Where possible, fly or drive around sleep times. While this may not be the cheapest option or may cause a day earlier or almost a day later departure, it means day 2 of your holiday included a well rested child.
This simple little idea may start your holiday on the right foot (or side or the bed?)
Maybe pack them their favourite soft toy for their room or better yet their blanket. Something familiar, because this will comfort them in foreign destinations will also be a HUGE help to settle them in an unusual bedroom.
Lastly, if you are flying try to be one of the last on the plane. Whilst they might be so excited to board – there is lots of waiting around on there before the safety briefing, taxi & finally take off. The less they have to sit in those tiny seats, the better!


Plan you’re accommodation – what does it include?

When you’re at your destination – it’s important to be in accommodation that suits you as a family. So try not to just shop by price, more expensive doesn’t always mean better – at least not with children.
- How far is your accommodation to attractions? Is there a variety of ways to get around? Bus, local methods? Car-hire (don’t forget a car seat). Is it a short enough walk with the little ones in tow? Can you hire a pram or should you bring one or maybe a carrier?
- Do they offer child-friendly activities and meals, maybe a free kids club!? Because these two combine are just PERFECT
- Kid-safety. We’re talking balconies & pool access with a fence? These are one of the most important things to look for when chasing the sun! Ideally, a safe holiday will create ulitimate-zen!
travelling with children

Take your own food

- It may seem like the easy option to drive through maccas for a quick feed, or to rely on the on-board menu to feed you. But chances are the junk-food will make them a little more intolerable & the in-flight food won’t be to their liking.
Whatever your flight time, we suggest packing a lunch box of one main meal + as many snacks as you can fit, because well.. when they're eating they're usually quiet & well... no one wants to be hangry!
- Most (if not all) airlines actually don’t have any rules on BYO food (just be careful with liquids).
Some of our plane favourites include: Rice crackers & peanut butter, cucumber slices, popcorn, grapes, frozen yoghurt pouches (let it defrost) & pasta salad or (hidden veg spag bol, if you have an OmieBox) Do yourself a favour a grab one here
travelling with children

Carry-On/With Bag Per Person

Thinking Mary-Poppins? Not quite but it will be the spoon full of sugar!
Having a dedicated bag for each child that holds each of their belongings they may need in the day. If their old enough, it will promote some responsibility PLUS whether you’re in the car or on a plane, train or boat, one place for their things will save you rummaging around frantically with an irritable child who just wants their red drink bottle that you can’t locate as you’re looking like a pack-horse!
This bag should include: - Food & drinks, change of clothes, nappies, activities, ONE chosen toy & the tablet + charger if required. A small blanket is also recommended for impromptu transit naps! 
travelling with children

A basic medical kit

Going anywhere with little munchkins that love to explore will, at some point or another require some form of first-aid.
Skinned knees, a fever, upset tummies – the list goes on.
Pack with you a small first aid kit, with plenty of Paw-Patrol band-aids, children’s Panadol/nurfen, adult stuff too hydrolyte. Perfect for the ah… adult drink hangover or just general flying dehydration!
travelling with children

Clothing – Layers, lots of them!

To save space, wear layers. All of you! This means less bulky items & transiting from cool aircrafts/cars to warm climates much easier to adjust.
If you’re going to colder climates, try to wear natural materials to keep in the warmth. Wools & cottons!
PS. You’re not going to use half the shoes you think you will. One pair for walking, one for the beach & one for dinner. That. Is. It – Ladies! 
travelling with children
Think you’re ready to travel?