Mission Statement

To continually exceed expectations, enrich the lives of others and bring smiles through passion and integrity.

Our Mission

We bring joy to families everywhere. Our final customer (the children) love having their names on our special products, which becomes a part of their childhood and memories. Our purchasing customers (the parents) have fun selecting products from our range and socialising with our trained team of consultants. Our wholesale customers have ease of access to products that make a significant financial contribution to their business. Our party plan business model caters for both stay-at-home Mum’s who like to earn some extra cash as well as business women that want to make serious money. Our staff embrace the culture of working harmoniously in a vibrant and enjoyable workplace and are well rewarded for their contribution to the business.  

Vision Statement

Bring joy to families everywhere

Our Values

Our Values guide our behaviors and decision making within our business and in all our business dealings: • Inspire our customers and staff • Have fun doing what we love • Pride in everything we do • Excellence in everything we do • Build relationships with our internal and external Community • Progressive in our thinking and our actions